The Cable increases internet speeds across Saint Kitts and Nevis

14 Jan 2019

Broadband services provider The Cable has been upgrading its network on Saint Kitts and Nevis, as a result of which it is increasing internet speeds for homes and businesses across the island nation by up to 50%. According to company officials, the increase in internet speed comes at no additional charge and is applicable on all four of its tariff plans – Bolt, Strike, Storm or X-treme. The Cable CEO Patricia Walters confirmed to local press that the company has been carrying out upgrade work since early 2017 and considers broadband ‘critically important to Saint Kitts and Nevis’, adding: ‘We understand the need to have a reliable network to deliver internet service, one that has a quality to it in terms of reliability that when The Cable says we’ll give you 20 megs you’ll get 20 megs constantly and that you can rely on it. And the fact that [the founders of the company] deployed some ten-twelve years ago a fibre network around Saint Kitts has made it in our opinion … a network that has generally been more reliable.’

Saint Kitts and Nevis, The Cable