Skyroam vSIM app launched in Indonesia

11 Jan 2019 reports that mobile data technology developer Skyroam has launched a new virtual SIM (vSIM) application in Indonesia, after securing approval from the Indonesian government. The company’s ‘SIMO’ mobile app ‘is designed to give users instant access to mobile data without the need for physical SIM cards,’ it said. To enable the launch, Skyroam partnered with handset maker Wiko to pre-install the SIMO app onto new Tommy 3 smartphones, so customers can access affordable mobile data without the need for a SIM or tariff plan from one of the country’s cellular operators. Skyroam hopes that SIMO will be installed ‘on 200 million devices by 2020’ and notes that the app ‘can also help mobile operators and MVNOs expand their footprint by significantly reducing cost and time of customer acquisition’.

Indonesia’s Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara, oversaw a review of Skyroam’s plan and assessed it useful in accelerating the government’s programme to support accessibility and penetration of mobile internet. ‘The Ministry of Communication and Information concluded that SIMO’s technology and business model comply with existing regulations and legislation. We are pleased to have SIMO launch first in Indonesia,’ Rudiantara said.

Indonesia, Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI), Skyroam