Greek broadband voucher scheme approved by EC

9 Jan 2019

The EC has approved a EUR50 million (USD57 million) scheme by the Greek government to offer vouchers to promote the take-up of fixed broadband services of 100Mbps and over. The government said last year that it would be offering a subsidy towards the initial set-up costs and monthly fees for a maximum of 24 months, with the aim of improving the penetration of fibre-based networks. Users will be able to activate the vouchers until 31 March 2020.

EC competition chief Margrethe Vestager commented: ‘The voucher scheme will help more people use higher speed broadband services in areas where suitable infrastructure is available but insufficiently used. The scheme will contribute to bridging the longstanding digital divide in Greece, in line with the objectives of the EU’s Digital Single Market, while ensuring that competition is not unduly distorted.’