M1 records near 1Gbps speeds using Nokia LAA solution

19 Dec 2018

In a press release this week Singapore telco M1 and Nokia announced the successful completion of a Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) small cells trial, which they claim achieved download speeds of close to 1Gbps on a live network. The trial utilised the vendor’s advanced LAA Air Scale small cell solution, which aggregates up to four carriers and combines up to four multiple transmission paths. As such, the pair claim they were able to leverage ‘the advanced interworking capabilities of LAA … [which] provides 4.5G technology in the unlicensed 5GHz spectrum band,’ to complement M1’s existing licensed band. Further, the two companies note that LAA is also able to co-exist with Wi-Fi networks using the same 5GHz spectrum, which will ultimately aid M1 as it strives to meet rising demand for data as more users opt for advanced smart devices. With the advanced LAA solution, M1 hopes to be in a better position to improve data bandwidth at high-traffic hotspots, minimise network congestion and continue to deliver high data speed to customers in crowded locations. The deployment will also enrich customers’ experience by ensuring a seamless coverage and uninterrupted mobile service across M1’s cellular and Wi-Fi network, the release noted.

M1’s Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) will be enhanced with Nokia’s LAA capabilities; the HetNet is currently the largest in Singapore with more than 500 integrated small cells and Wi-Fi access points deployed at traffic hotspots throughout the city-state including rail stations, bus stations, major commercials buildings and malls, and other popular outdoor areas.

Commenting on the trial, Denis Seek, Chief Technical Officer, M1 said: ‘Through this latest trial with our long-term technology partner Nokia, we reiterate our commitment in applying latest technologies to provide our customers with the best possible cellular and Wi-Fi experience on the move. M1 customers will continue to enjoy an even better user experience through M1’s advanced 4G+ mobile network.’

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