China issues 5G trial spectrum permits

10 Dec 2018

China’s telecoms watchdog the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has issued test frequency licences for 5G systems to the nation’s three mobile network operators. China Mobile obtained licences for the spectrum in the 2600MHz and 4900MHz bands, whilst its smaller rivals China Unicom and Telecom were each awarded airwaves in the 3500MHz range. The MIIT explained in a statement that the licence award guarantees which spectrum bands that the cellcos will use to carry out 5G trials, providing a clear signal to the industry and promoting ‘maturity and development of China’s 5G industry chain’. The regulator went on to say that its next step towards a commercial 5G launch will be to guide operators towards completing base station deployment for 5G tests, following which it will carry out interference and coordination work between the 5G networks and existing systems within the same and adjacent bands.