Japan to bar Huawei and ZTE access to public procurement, govt. source says

7 Dec 2018

The government of Japan could follow the United States and some other countries in excluding Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE from public procurement programmes. The paper cites an unnamed government source as saying that amid concerns about potential security breaches, it may ban the two Chinese firms from supplying infrastructure products. While declining to comment on the details of government procurement policies, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference: ‘Ensuring the cybersecurity of government agencies has become increasingly important. We will deal with the matter from various perspectives.’ The Japanese government is likely to agree on the plan as early as next week, the source said, adding: ‘There have been global concerns about the two companies’ ties with the Chinese government. But we need to make sure that we will not stop the recent trend of improvement in Japan-China ties.’