Digicel to switch on fibre to businesses in Bermuda; TBi and Bluewave plan IPTV launch

6 Dec 2018

Bernews reports that Digicel Bermuda is launching its ‘fibre-to-the-business’ (‘FTTB’) service and ‘looking to empower all businesses’ with what it terms ‘incomparable high speed data connectivity’. The operator’s fibre broadband packages went live on 3 December with a key focus on the small to medium sized businesses (SME) sector. Digicel informed the market that its new B2B fibre products offer a number of key features, including customisable solutions with telephony, TV, Wi-Fi and security options; a superior state-of-the-art network backbone; secure end-to-end connection with no malware; and the support of ‘Bermuda’s only 100% true fibre network’. A spokesman for Digicel notes that the company launched its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network in 2017 and to date, has provided thousands of customers with ultra-fast broadband connectivity.

In an unrelated development, rival telcos TeleBermuda International (TBi) and Bluewave Internet have linked up to launch a new wireless television service across the island, with plans to follow that with the launch of a new phone service to businesses and homes from February 2019. Bluewave’s wireless internet service is capable of delivering a 25Mbps service for under BMD100 (USD100), and the pair are ultimately looking to deliver a triple-play offer – internet, TV, voice telephony – from next year for a similar figure. The niche, boutique internet company says that working with sister firm TBi it will be going live with television this month, throwing down the gauntlet in a market dominated by Digicel and One Communications. TBi is a long-established Bermudian provider of voice, internet and managed IT service, while Bluewave – which was launched just two years ago – has been based online with no retail space or traditional advertising. At the start of this year, Bluewave and Celeritas Ltd bought TBi and now believe that having a physical presence in the heart of Hamilton will be beneficial as Bluewave expands its customer base. The wireless broadband provider notes too it has deployed coverage to around 50% of the population, a figure it aims to increase to 90% by end-2019. Bluewave’s network can deliver internet speeds up to 400Mbps, however customers generally opt for plans with speeds of 15Mbps to 35Mbps.