Nokia deploys first DPUs for NBN Co

29 Nov 2018

Finnish vendor Nokia and NBN Co, the company rolling out Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), claim to have ‘reached another significant milestone in their partnership’, in confirming the deployment of the first Distribution Point Units (DPUs) onto the NBN. In a press release regarding the development, Nokia noted that technology has been deployed to support the cost-effective evolution of NBN Co’s fibre-to-the-distribution-point (FttDp) network (which the latter efers to as its ‘fiber-to-the-curb [FTTC] infrastructure). Nokia claims to have developed a DPU solution uniquely designed for Australian conditions and NBN Co’s requirements, with it saying the dual-mode units deployed are currently delivering services in VDSL2-mode, but provide the operator the ability to remote activate 212MHz when it chooses to launch higher bandwidth services. It has been claimed that NBN Co will be the first operator in the world to deliver 212MHz via in-ground DPUs, which will be typically located around 40 metres from customer premises, and by using 212MHz spectrum the telco will reportedly be able to effectively double the capacity of and achieve close to 2Gbps aggregate upstream and downstream speeds.

Commenting on the matter, Peter Ryan, Chief Network Engineering Officer at NBN Co, said: ‘Nokia is a long-standing strategic partner for [NBN Co] and has played a key role helping [us] meet our deployment goals and understand our options for network evolution. I am very pleased that we are taking this next step together on our journey of delivering cutting-edge technology to Australians with our first deployment of copper acceleration technology onto the … FTTC network. Having this technology in the ground today gives us additional flexibility to meet end-user demand as it evolves.’

Australia, NBN Co, Nokia