Konnect launches satellite offering in DRC

29 Nov 2018

Konnect Africa, which describes itself as an initiative of Eutelsat dedicated to providing satellite broadband across the African continent, has launched internet access services throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The ISP is offering eight plans to cover ‘all consumer profiles’ – including residential and SME users – with download speeds of up to 20Mbps and maximum upload speeds of 3Mbps and charged on a pre-paid basis to meet the needs of the market. The offers are available in six cities in the DRC via eight resellers with a combined total of nearly 500 retail outlets. Konnect is planning to supplement its satellite broadband plans in the near future with a Wi-Fi hotspot service, dubbed Konnect Wifi, which will offer internet access in high-traffic locations such as hospitals, schools and universities.

Commenting on the launch, Konnect CEO Jean-Claude Tshipama was quoted as saying: ‘In a country which constitutes one of the main African markets for internet via satellite, today we are able to offer the Congolese people powerful connectivity solutions thanks to this technology … Currently being deployed in some 20 countries in Africa, our Konnect Africa service responds to the need to develop digital inclusion on this continent.’

Congo, Dem. Rep., Eutelsat Communications