DOCOMO to launch 5G Open Lab in Guam next year

29 Nov 2018

Japanese telecoms giant NTT DOCOMO – the parent company of local telco DOCOMO Pacific – has unveiled plans to begin operating a 5G technology verification centre in the US territory Guam next spring. The facility, which will be called ‘DOCOMO 5G Open Lab GUAM’, will be the Japanese firm’s first overseas verification centre, and will be made available for use by the more than 1,900 partners participating in the DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Programme, which provides businesses and organisations with the latest 5G information, test environments and opportunities for partner workshops.

A press release from NTT DOCOMO notes: ‘By offering a 5G test environment set up under US conditions, DOCOMO 5G Open Lab GUAM will facilitate prompt, flexible and accurate verifications of equipment, systems and even advanced technologies for applications such as drones and autonomous vehicles.’

TeleGeography notes that NTT DOCOMO already operates 5G open labs in Tokyo and Osaka and will launch a third domestic lab in Okinawa in December 2018. The telco expects to launch a commercial 5G network in 2020.

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