Vectra still in takeover talks with Multimedia

28 Nov 2018

A report from Poland suggests that takeover negotiations are continuing between the country’s second and third largest cablecos, Vectra and Multimedia Polska. Earlier this month Multimedia announced that the exclusivity period for negotiations between the pair had ended without a deal being reached and that it had decided to ‘withdraw from the planned transaction’.

Wirtualne Media writes, however, that talks have now resumed. Meanwhile, Poland’s Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has confirmed that it is to carry on with its examination of the proposed buyout because the two parties are still having discussions.

Vectra first announced its intention to acquire Multimedia in August this year, several months after a proposed merger between Multimedia and larger rival UPC Poland had collapsed. Should Vectra gain approval for the buyout, the enlarged firm would leapfrog UPC into number one spot in the Polish cable broadband sector. UOKiK has raised some competition concerns, however, with both firms providing competing services in several cities.

Poland, Multimedia Polska, Vectra