Incumbents win 4G spectrum in Mozambique

26 Nov 2018

Mozambique’s three incumbent cellular operators, Vodacom, mCel and Movitel, have been awarded 4G-suitable spectrum in the 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz bands. Americo Muchanga, director general of the National Communications Institute (Instituto Nacional de Comunicacoes de Mocambique, INCM) told A Verdade that all available spectrum in the 800MHz band had been acquired, but did not give details on the other two bands.

In the 800MHz range, five lots of 2×5MHz were on offer, with a reserve price of USD15 million per lot, while six blocks of 2×5MHz were up for sale at 1800MHz, with a minimum bid of USD30 million per lot. At 2600MHz, meanwhile, nine packets of 2×5MHz spectrum were up for grabs, with each lot carrying a reserve price of USD15 million.