ANCOM launches 5G strategy consultation

26 Nov 2018

The National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has launched a public consultation entitled ‘The National Strategy for the Implementation of 5G in Romania.’ The telecoms regulator announced the consultation last week during its international ‘5G – to Fuel the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ conference and the strategic objectives proposed in the document include ‘the timely launch of services’ (in 2020) in several representative Romanian cities, chosen by socio-economic criteria.

Other plans set out by ANCOM in the consultation document include simplifying regulations to make the implementation of 5G smoother, while the regulator also plans adaptations to infrastructure to suit 5G technology. ANCOM president Sorin Grindeanu said: ‘5G will unleash a real industrial revolution and an opportunity to reduce development gaps in Romania… We aim that all urban centres, modernised motorways and railways, international ports and airports should benefit from 5G coverage by 2025. Moreover, in order to maximise social and economic benefits, we intend to have seven pilot projects distributed throughout the country.’ The 5G consultation document is available to view in full on the ANCOM website, with comments and suggestions required to be submitted to the regulator no later than 21 December 2018.