Telstra claims first Australian live 5G connection

23 Nov 2018

Telstra has announced what it termed ‘another milestone in its 5G roadmap’, having achieved a live 5G connection using a commercial fifth-generation chipset on its mobile network. In a press release regarding the matter the cellco said that this development represented the country’s first live 5G 3GPP R15 data call using a commercial chipset in a form factor device on Telstra’s mobile network, with the connection using its 3.5GHz commercial spectrum, Ericsson’s latest 5G network, and Qualcomm Technologies commercial 5G chipset in a commercial form factor device.

Commenting on the matter, Channa Seneviratne, Telstra’s Network Engineering Executive, was cited as saying: ‘Today’s announcement is a significant milestone as it signals that commercial 5G devices are getting closer and closer. Field testing in our real-world mobile network with this chipset over our commercial spectrum moves the verification well and truly from the lab into the street. The team will continue testing over the coming months to improve data rates and overall performance in readiness for device availability.’

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