Indosat Ooredoo working with Ericsson to demo 5G and 3D Augmented Reality

23 Nov 2018

Indonesia’s Indosat Ooredoo and Ericsson of Sweden have showcased 5G technologies, specifically 3D-AR (Augmented Reality), in a test bed trial that achieved speeds of 10Gbps per equipment end-user. Highlighting its desire to adopt 5G in the near future Indosat Ooredoo Director & Chief Innovation Officer, Arief Musta’in, noted: ‘5G has the potential to accelerate digital transformation in various industries in Indonesia, as well as empower consumers with innovative applications. 5G readiness is embedded in our vision in an effort to build a competitive quality video network. Indosat Ooredoo is working with Ericsson to demonstrate a 5G usage example – the first 3D Augmented Reality experience in Indonesia – that will enable innovation in various industries such as education and healthcare.’

In addition to the 5G test bed and 3D-AR trials, Indosat Ooredoo and Ericsson also reportedly demonstrated ‘5G deployment considerations and connected drones that can be tested from a longer distance or with a predetermined flight path’, using low-frequency 5G wireless connectivity and ‘nano drones flying over the city-3D model’. There is also LAA (Licensed Assisted Access), the pair note, which is a solution for high-capacity hotspots (e.g. in airports, stadiums, shopping centres), which uses unlicensed spectrum to increase additional speed/capacity for LTE and the possibility of coexistence with Wi-Fi.

Indonesia, Ericsson, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH)