Brazil and Chile to eliminate roaming fees under new FTA

23 Nov 2018

Brazil and Chile have agreed to end international roaming charges between the two countries as part of a free trade agreement (FTA) signed this week. Under the deal, roaming fees will be wiped out once the pact has been in effect for two years. Meanwhile, the FTA facilitates greater cross-border competition and integration, with the Chilean government noting in a statement that the pact allows SMEs to participate in public tenders under the same conditions as local suppliers and will ‘facilitate operations for Chilean service providers and digital products in bilateral electronic trade’.

Regarding the deal, which was negotiated in under six months, President Pinera of Chile was quoted as saying: ‘Brazil is more than our foremost trading partner, with trade exceeding USD11 billion. It is also the main market for Chilean investments, which are valued at more than USD31 billion. This FTA is intended to expand trade in goods and services, as well as integration. The agreement includes new chapters on technology, cybersecurity, Antarctic collaboration, and on many areas where we have made progress.’