Telefonica in final stages of O2, E-Plus network integration

22 Nov 2018

Telefonica Deutschland has revealed that the integration of the O2 and E-Plus networks is in the final stages across the whole of Germany and will be largely completed by the end of this year. The firm noted that customers in increasing numbers of cities and regions can now benefit from a new and improved O2 network thanks to the network integration, adding that further improvements will be visible in the next months with the progress of the subsequent network optimisation, especially in rural areas and regions, where the consolidation will largely be finished by year-end.

Over the last few months, Telefonica Deutschland has completed the network integration in numerous cities and regions, including Leipzig, Cologne, Luebeck, Munich, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Duisburg, Oberhausen, Ludwigshafen, Wolfsburg, Münster, Hamm, Karlsruhe, Wesel, Minden, Hildesheim, Salzgitter, Delmenhorst and Neumuenster. As well as modernising existing mobile radio sites, the company has also further improved local network performance for its customers by constructing additional LTE stations. In total, the company has carried out conversion and modernisation work on tens of thousands of mobile radio sites.

The O2 network was extended by around 5,000 LTE stations in the first nine months of the year, while more mobile radio sites were equipped with high-speed fibre-optic lines to prepare for the 5G standard. Telefonica Deutschland is focussing on partnerships with other network operators such as Deutsche Telekom (connection of at least 5,000 sites in total) and Vodafone (joint fibre-optic connections) as well as to alternative infrastructure providers including NGN Fiber Network KG and GasLINE (each connecting at least 1,500 sites).

Germany, Telefonica Deutschland Holding