T-Mobile, Nokia stage 600MHz 5G data transmission

21 Nov 2018

T-Mobile US and Nokia have completed what they claim is ‘the world’s first 5G data transmission on low-band [600MHz] spectrum’. The two companies completed the downlink transmission tests using global 5G standards in Spokane, Washington, while leveraging T-Mobile’s commercial 600MHz ‘Extended Range LTE’ network. The cellco is confident that the 600MHz spectrum will be able to provide 5G coverage across hundreds of square miles from a single tower, in stark contrast to millimetre wave (mmWave) sites, which are able to cover less than a square mile.

Following the test, T-Mobile reiterated its plan to deliver nationwide 5G by 2020, deploying 5G-ready equipment as it rolls out its 600MHz 4G network, which is already live in more than 1,500 cities and towns in 37 states and Puerto Rico.

United States, Nokia, T-Mobile US