Internux president claims MCIT has not withdrawn its licences, yet

21 Nov 2018

Internux President Director Dicky Moechtar has claimed that it has ‘escaped’ a decision by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT, aka KemKominfo), to revoke its radio frequency band licences (IPFR) and that for the time being at least, continues to operate. The operator, which markets 4G LTE services under the brand name Bolt!, was one of three firms to have their concessions rescinded by MCIT this week for non-payment of licence fees. However, Dicky says that his company is willing to work with the Ministry to resolve the issue. IndoTelko quotes him as saying: ‘We appreciate the steps taken by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, together with the company, to find the best solution, in terms of issues related to the payment of frequency of use rights fees’. Further, the Internux official confirmed he would continue to work ‘under the supervision of the Ministry of Communication and Information … [to] comply with [ministry] policy while still maintaining optimal service for customers’.

Internux holds IPFR permits relating to broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum it secured in a July 2009 auction of 2300MHz frequencies. The operator was issued with 15MHz bandwidth in Zone 4 (Jabodetabek and Banten) and Dicky says he is committed to constructing and maintaining a BWA network in compliance with all regulations. He claims that the company submitted a settlement proposal to the Ministry on 16 November, in the hope of achieving a solution and agreement.

‘Internux will continue to provide the best service while waiting and hoping for a solution. In connection with this, Internux has decided to temporarily not accept new purchases from customers, either top up or subscription packages, until they get direction and approval from the Ministry of Communication and Information,’ he said.