Indonesia revokes First Media, Internux, Jasnita licences for non-payment of fees

20 Nov 2018

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in Indonesia, known locally as Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika (KemKominfo), has reportedly revoked the radio frequency band licences (IPFR) held by Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) operators First Media, Internux (Bolt!) and Jasnita Telekomindo for failing to pay frequency fees since 2016. KemKominfo’s resources director Dwi Handoko is quoted by local press as saying that the companies had ‘ignored’ three warning letters issued by the MCIT before their permits were revoked under Article 21 of Communications and Information Ministerial Regulation No 9/2018 – on the provision of the operation of radio frequency spectrum. The three operators’ IPFR permits were taken away, Dwi added, after their collective failure to make any payments by 17 November, the deadline previously set by KemKominfo.

First Media, Internux (Bolt!) and Jasnita Telekomindo each won spectrum at Indonesia’s auction of the 2.3GHz band in 2009, the payment deadline for which falls on 17 November each year. First Media operates in Zone 1, the northern part of Sumatra and Zone 4, Greater Jakarta and Banten, and has outstanding fees totalling IDR364.84 billion (USD24.93 million); Internux also operates in Zone 4 and owes IDR343.57 billion, while Jasnita operates in Zone 12, the northern part of Sulawesi, and has unpaid fees of IDR2.19 billion.