VodafoneZiggo files EU lawsuit over wholesale regulation; Tele2, T-Mobile appeals against FTTH regs rejected

15 Nov 2018

Dutch quad-play operator VodafoneZiggo has filed a legal case at the European Court of Justice against the EU’s approval of regulator ACM’s decision mandating wholesale broadband, TV and telephony access on VodafoneZiggo’s cable network whilst reducing some of incumbent PSTN operator KPN’s wholesale obligations. As it stands VodafoneZiggo must submit its first wholesale cable network reference offer by 1 January 2019. Rivals including T-Mobile Netherlands have already expressed interest in the upcoming access offer.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, the Trade & Industry Appeals Tribunal (College van Beroep voor het bedrijfsleven, CBb) – the country’s apex court in telecom regulation matters – has rejected the appeals of T-Mobile and Tele2 Netherlands against ACM’s wholesale unbundled fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) maximum tariff determinations. The CBb declared the appeals unfounded, meaning KPN can continue offering its existing residential FTTH wholesale access tariffs unchanged.