Fastweb improves offer for Tiscali’s 3.5GHz business

15 Nov 2018

Italian ISPs Fastweb and Tiscali have amended the terms of the July 2018 deal under which Fastweb has agreed to acquire the fixed-wireless business of Tiscali. Under the original terms Fastweb agreed to pay EUR150 million (USD169 million) for its rival’s 3.5GHz spectrum licence plus its network of 835 towers. The purchase price has now been increased to EUR198 million, which includes EUR130 million in cash, the payment of EUR13 million debt to suppliers, and the setting up of a wholesale agreement to the value of EUR55 million under which Tiscali is able to retain access to the fixed-wireless network for up to five years.

There has been some speculation that the deal could be derailed following a move by rival firms to challenge the extension of Tiscali’s 3.5GHz licence from 2023 to 2029, but the two ISPs say they still expect to conclude the transaction within the next few weeks, as originally planned. Fastweb is looking to utilise the spectrum to provide fixed-wireless broadband access.

Italy, Fastweb, Tiscali