Don’t bore us, get to the Chorus: NZ wholesaler notches 500,000 fibre connections

15 Nov 2018

New Zealand’s open-access fixed line telecoms provider Chorus has announced the number of Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) fibre connections on its network has reached the 500,000 milestone, with fibre take-up having surged in recent months. In April 2018 Chorus reached 400,000 fibre connections, meaning an additional 100,000 premises have been connected to Chorus fibre in the last six months. By comparison, Chorus says it took five years to connect the first 100,000 customers to its fibre networks.

Going forward, Chorus intends to reduce the wholesale price of its gigabit broadband services for residential customers. From mid-2019 the wholesale price for the residential gigabit service will drop from NZD65 (USD44.1) a month to NZD60, with a further reduction – to NZD56 – planned for mid-2020. (Note: retail service providers will add their own margin to the wholesale price, independent of Chorus.)

New Zealand, Chorus (New Zealand)