China Mobile maps out 5G device launch plans

14 Nov 2018

China Mobile, the world’s largest wireless provider by subscribers, has unveiled its ‘5G Terminal Pioneer Programme,’ through which it plans to launch 5G-compatible devices within the next year, Xinhua reports. Announcing the scheme, China Mobile VP Li Huidi said that the company would publish 5G terminal white papers by the end of the year, whilst the first batch of own-brand 5G devices – including smartphones – will be launched in the first half of 2019. Under the government’s current plans for 5G development, the new technology will see pre-commercial use in 2019 with a full commercial launch to take place in 2020.

Meanwhile, domestic vendors Huawei and Xiaomi are stepping up their efforts to launch their own 5G devices. Earlier this month Huawei revealed that it would be showcasing its first 5G smartphone in February 2019 and would make the device available to the public from Q3 2019. Xiaomi, for its part, is aiming to release a 5G phone in Europe in March/April next year.

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