T-Mobile Netherlands switching off 2G in November 2020

13 Nov 2018

T-Mobile Netherlands has informed its customers on its website that it will switch off its GSM 2G/2.5G network on 15 November 2020, with all calling, texting and data services to be provided over 3G/4G (and future 5G) networks. T-Mobile reckons that most handset users will not notice any change in service, but for those remaining customers with a 2G-only device – as per the company’s checklist posted on the site – it is offering help on switching to a new device, as well as advice for existing compatible handset owners in the event that their device does not automatically connect to 3G/4G.

T-Mobile’s website also gives specific advice for customers using M2M services currently based on the 2G network, including options of switching to 3G/4G, NB-IoT (already commercial) and LTE-M (currently in testing) platforms.

T-Mobile’s 2G shutdown strategy is in contrast to its Dutch rivals scheduling 3G shutdowns instead: VodafoneZiggo intends to switch off 3G in January 2020 and KPN has set January 2022 as its 3G closing date.

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