Dauphin Telecom to launch 4G+ by year-end; 5G trials planned for 2019

6 Nov 2018

Dauphin Telecom, one of the operators in the overseas collectivity (collectivite d’outre-mer, COM) of Saint-Martin, is aiming to launch ‘4G+’ by the end of 2018, with plans to carry out its first 5G test in 2019, according to news source FaxInfo. In addition, in November the operator is set to launch a fixed-wireless 4G offer for homes and businesses affected by cyclone Irma. In terms of fibre-optic access, Dauphin Telecom has selected nine areas (Cul de Sac, Anse Marcel, Orient Bay, Grand Case, Rambaud, Friar’s Bay, Marigot, Bellevue and Nettle Bay) to next benefit from fibre, and is waiting for regulator Arcep to approve the rollout.

Saint-Martin, Dauphin Telecom (Saint-Martin)