Vodafone Germany launches ‘first 5G mast’

2 Nov 2018

Vodafone Germany has announced that it has launched its first 5G mast, in Aldenhoven, covering a 400,000 square metre testing area. Railway company Deutsche Bahn and automobile firms e.GO, Audi and Continental have been named as the telco’s first 5G partners, and the initial 5G demonstration involved a holographic phone call between Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter in Dusseldorf and a minibus belonging to electric vehicle manufacturer e.GO in Aldenhoven. Ericsson and Intel served as the technology partners for the test.

Ametsreiter commented: ‘We are the 5G partner of the German economy. We help trains to see dangers. We turn the driver’s seat into a TV couch in the car. We are turning Germany’s industrial halls into smart factories with 5G. And we create new forms of communication with 5G – with holograms we turn boring video conferences into personal experiences.’

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