Government to keep ownership of MegaCom

25 Oct 2018

The current position of Kyrgyzstan’s government regarding the mobile operator MegaCom is to keep it as a state-owned company, Chairman of the State Property Management Fund Renat Tuleberdiev has told members of parliament, reports. The Fund has failed in several attempts to sell the 100%-owned cellco, with no adequately qualified bidders coming forward, and the government now appears to have suspended the sale plan.

In a similar statement reported earlier this month by, Tuleberdiev told a press conference that he wanted to keep MegaCom on the balance sheet of the Fund, adding that the government’s draft privatisation programme for 2018-2020 was still yet to be approved, and any new sale proposals could only be envisaged after finalisation of this plan. The chairman also stressed that MegaCom is one of the country’s most profitable companies with state ownership.

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