Lifecell LTE reaches 52% of population

24 Oct 2018

Ukraine’s third largest mobile network operator by subscribers, Lifecell, has expanded coverage of its 1800MHz LTE network – launched on 1 July this year – to 2,400 settlements across the country with a total of 22.18 million inhabitants, or around 52% of the entire population. The announcement on the website of the operator, owned by Turkcell, disclosed the latest batch of towns to receive 4G LTE coverage across several regions including Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv oblasts, with 150 settlements being added to the footprint in the past week alone. Prior to the LTE-1800 launch, at 30 June 2018 Lifecell had 817,000 4G mobile subscribers (10.5% of its total customer base) using its LTE network, launched in the 2600MHz band on 30 March.

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