AirtelTigo upgrades network in Greater Accra region

16 Oct 2018

AirtelTigo, Ghana’s third largest mobile network operator (MNO) by subscribers, has extended its network upgrade and integration programme to the region of Greater Accra. The area is the last region of the country to benefit from the network integration, with the upgrades aimed at unifying the infrastructure belonging to Airtel and Tigo, which merged under the AirtelTigo banner in November 2017. To ensure a successful upgrade, AirtelTigo has mapped the Greater Accra region into three areas – eastern, northern and western Accra – while the company has also boosted staff capacity at stores in order to better assist customers who may experience difficulties during the integration process.

AirtelTigo CEO, Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi said: ‘We have reached the final phase of our major integration and upgrade. We remain grateful for the understanding, patience and loyalty of our subscribers as we work to bring them an upgraded network that works well for our big AirtelTigo family.’

Ghana, AirtelTigo