Lattelecom to restructure and rebrand as tet

10 Oct 2018

Lattelecom Group has announced that it will be renamed ‘tet’ in spring next year, as the company looks to emphasise its position as a technology and entertainment company, having ‘surpassed the boundaries of the usual telecommunications industry’. The tet brand is currently used by Lattelecom for its energy and smart home services, and was chosen for the group-wide identity following public opinion polls showing that the company was described by consumers as ‘simple, understandable and affordable’. Explaining the move, Lattelecom chairman Julis Gulbis said: ‘Working on the business strategy for the next three years, we took into account that the scale of change in society as well as in technology and business in the next three years will be enormous. The aim is to create world-class innovative services and products based on both Lattelecom’s current, vast experience in internet infrastructure and technology as well as the opportunities offered by the big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT. Although the goal is to create unprecedented products for the future, we want to keep the tet principle: to remain simple and comprehensible to the customers.’

Although the group will be renamed as test, Lattelecom will continue to use the Helio brand for its entertainment services, whilst tet will be used for technology and corporate offerings. The new tet’s products and services will also be divided into three broad groupings: Home – comprising energy, broadband, TV, telephony and smart home solutions; Digital Workplace – which covers devices, internet access, data storage, software, IT security and process digitisation solutions; and Data-Based Customer Communications, which Lattelecom says will ‘focus on data collection and applications with the goal of becoming pioneers of using customer service robots and other artificial intelligence solutions as well as personalised advertising.’

Latvia, Tet (Lattelecom Group)