T-Mobile continues Puerto Rico 600MHz rollout

28 Sep 2018

Neville Ray, CTO at T-Mobile US, has revealed that the cellco’s 600MHz ‘Extended Range LTE’ rollout on Puerto Rico continues to gather pace. In an announcement on Twitter on 26 September, Ray noted: ‘The T-Mobile network team in Puerto Rico continues to do a ton of low-band work across the island. We’ve added more low-band LTE to these cities in just the last few weeks!’ More than 100 Puerto Rican locations are now covered by the 600MHz LTE service, including the likes of San Juan, Ponce, Caguas and Trujillo Alto, as well as a whole host of smaller municipalities.

The cellco paid USD7.99 billion for a total of 1,525 regional 600MHz licences in 2017. This spectrum haul included 50MHz worth of low-band frequencies covering the whole of Puerto Rico.

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