Aftel sharing Etisalat network

28 Sep 2018

State-backed telco Afghan Telecom (Aftel) has begun utilising the infrastructure of cellular rival Etisalat Afghanistan as it looks to increase its market share, The National quotes Aftel CEO Ajmal Ayan as saying. According to the official, Aftel is currently sharing access to between 60 and 70 of Etisalat’s towers, and the company is looking for more collaborations with the UAE-based firm. ‘I am sure it will be a win-win situation as the Afghan market offers a huge scope of growth for Etisalat,’ the official said, adding: ‘Our current market share is less than 5%. That is very low but we target to reach the top spot. We have planned to work closely with Etisalat to build our capabilities while spreading our network.’ In addition to sharing infrastructure in Afghanistan, Aftel is looking to secure an improved roaming agreement with Etisalat in its domestic market: the UAE is home to one of the largest expatriate Afghan communities with more than 150,000 Afghans living in the Emirates.