O2 Czech Republic boosts DSL speeds for 1.5 million households

27 Sep 2018

Fixed line operator O2 Czech Republic has revealed that from this week, a total of 1.5 million households can get a significantly faster DSL internet speed from the company. In a press release, the Republic’s largest provider of telecommunication services says that approximately 900,000 homes have been provisioned with its more powerful ‘Internet AKTIV HD’ which can deliver data speeds of up to 50Mbps (in place of its ‘Internet OPTIMAL HD’ 20Mbps service), while 600,000 households can now use O2’s ‘Internet PREMIUM HD’ 100Mbps tariff. The release confirms that Internet AKTIV HD can be purchased for CZK449 (USD20.6) a month, which is CZK50 more than the lower OPTIMAL HD tariff. The Internet PREMIUM HD package costs CZK549/month. In addition, O2 notes that it can also offer select customers ‘Internet ULTRA HD’ which has a peak 250Mbps connection and costs CZK749 per month.

Czech Republic, O2 Czech Republic (incl. CETIN)