Paraguayan institutions to coordinate on national fibre backbone

26 Sep 2018

A number of Paraguayan institutions have committed to coordinating their fibre-optic deployment efforts to achieve superior broadband coverage. The Agencia de Informacion Paraguaya quotes Miguel Martin, head of the National Secretariat of Information and Communication Technologies (Secretaria Nacional de Tecnologias de la Informacion y Comunicacion, Senatics), as saying: ‘We found that there is great infrastructure in terms of fibre-optics deployed at the national level and we have worked in coordination with institutions that have done that work to determine how we can unite this network and form a national fibre-optic network.’

Participants in the project will include fixed line incumbent the Paraguayan Communications Company (Compania Paraguaya de Comunicaciones, Copaco) and the National Electricity Administration (Administracion Nacional de Electricidad, ANDE). Ultimately, the nationwide fibre network will connect 1,325 government offices, 937 police stations, 1,525 health facilities and 10,300 educational institutions. The work is expected to cost between USD13 million and USD15 million.

Paraguay, Copaco