One launches ‘OneHome WiFi’ service to provide seamless connectivity

18 Sep 2018

Bermudan operator One Communications says it has introduced seamless Wi-Fi connectivity across the island with the launch of its new ‘OneHome WiFi’ service. The launch is designed to alleviate consumers’ long-standing issues of poor Wi-Fi coverage in homes across Bermuda. Bernews quotes the telco’s chief commercial officer, Brian Lonergan, as saying: ‘Wi-Fi is an important part of everyday life, and to have multiple connected devices in a single household is now very common. The frustration begins when those devices are used in remote areas of the home away from the modem, where signals weaken … Until now, internet service providers were responsible for delivering internet speeds to a customer’s modem, but without an effective way to go any further … The size of a home, the number of levels, and other obstructions have never been properly addressed. OneHome WiFi, a ‘first’ for residents in Bermuda, promises to blanket a customer’s entire home with the internet, offering a strong, seamless internet connection.’ It is understood that One Communications teamed up with Wi-Fi mesh technology developer eero ‘to ensure a top grade product and service was readily available to the Island’s residents’. OneHome WiFi costs BMD20 (USD20) per month and can be assessed from any of One’s retails stores across the island.

Bermuda, One Communications