Vodafone Fiji to invest FJD207m on 4G+ mobile internet coverage

14 Sep 2018

Vodafone regional CEO Pradeep Lal has announced that the mobile group plans to invest FJD207 million (USD98.6 million) in the upgrade of its mobile networks in Fiji, to boost ‘4G+’ coverage to over 90% of the population. According to Lal, some 100 3G cell sites will be converted to LTE-A technology, while a further 244 new sites will be developed and commissioned to deliver Vodafone Fiji’s advanced 4G offer. The cellular operator is ploughing money into its infrastructure to boost the quality of mobile internet services in response to a number of customer complaints, he said. ‘What it means is customers will be able to enjoy high speed internet and the smartphone penetration in Fiji is over 70% and we expect it to reach 80% very soon and this will allow the smartphone users to have good internet speeds, but not only in the urban centres but certain rural areas.’

Vodafone Fiji currently provides internet services to over 780,000 Fijians.

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