Orange Poland begins outdoor 5G trials, expands FTTH footprint

13 Sep 2018

Polish fixed and mobile operator Orange Polska has begun outdoor trials of 5G equipment in conjunction with Huawei. The two firms say they achieved download rates of 1.8Gbps in a lab setting, while the first tests in an urban environment, at greater distances, resulted in speeds of 1.5Gbps, which Orange says is almost double what can be provided on its existing 4G LTE-A network. The outdoor trials are being conducted using a single transmitter in the city of Gliwice, using 100MHz of spectrum in the 3.5GHz band.

Jean-Francois Fallacher, CEO of Orange Poland, commented: ‘We’re coming outside of the laboratory to check how the prepared solutions work “in battle”. The tests carried out in Gliwice allow us to analyse how they function in real life urban conditions. The implementation of 5G will bring a qualitative change. It will not only benefit individual users, but also industry or, more broadly, the entire economy. In order to launch a new generation of mobile network efficiently and effectively, we need clear rules, arranging matters such as frequencies, electromagnetic standards, [and] the investment process. We are looking forward to discussions with the government and telecom authority regarding the regulation of these issues.’

Separately, Orange has expanded its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) coverage via a network leasing arrangement with smaller FTTH provider Nextera. The agreement will give Orange access to Nextera infrastructure passing some 450,000 homes by 2020, mainly in suburban and semi-rural areas. Orange hopes to cover five million premises with FTTH networks by 2020, both using its own infrastructure and via wholesale agreements such as the one with Nextera.

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