SingMeng set to acquire broadband rival Digi

12 Sep 2018

Cambodian broadband and TV operator SingMeng Telemedia has announced that it will acquire competitor DTV Star, operating as Digi, effective 1 October 2018. The merger will create ‘a leading service provider in the Kingdom of Cambodia that provides a diverse range of premier services across the country, including broadband internet, TV, entertainment, mobile TV and movies, voice and smart enterprise solutions’. SingMeng, which provides triple-play internet, TV and VoIP services, owns a 6,000km fibre-optic cable network, while Digi focuses on providing fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband connections to residential customers.

‘The acquisition of Digi will not only bring SingMeng entertainment and triple-play service to Digi customers, but it will also allow us to offer more options to Cambodians,’ commented SingMeng’s Chairman and CEO Sarah Xiaohua Wang, adding: ‘SingMeng is committed to invest in innovation and bringing international service standard to the local market. Unlike other transactions that are premised on excessive cost cuts, this merger is about growth, which will create more opportunities for employees as we will serve more people in more places.’

Cambodia, DTV Star (Digi), SingMeng Telemedia