NBN Co agrees to improve service rebates and enhance reporting

12 Sep 2018

A court-enforceable undertaking from NBN Co to improve its wholesale arrangements with telecommunications retail service providers (RSPs) has been accepted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Confirming the development, the regulator noted that NBN has committed to amending its standard form of access agreement, as well as amending its current access agreements with retail service providers (RSPs), within three months. Under the agreement key amendments to the service standard commitments include changes to rebates payable under access agreements, with NBN Co now set to pay: a AUD25 (USD18) rebate for every late connection and fault rectification; and a new AUD25 rebate for each missed appointment. Further, NBN Co has said it will simplify the process for RSPs to receive rebates and remove certain conditions for claiming rebates.

Rob Sims, ACCC chairman, said of the matter: ‘The undertaking will improve the rebates that NBN Co pays to RSPs for not meeting its service level timeframes for connections, fixing faults and meeting scheduled appointments … This will lead to improved NBN connections and fault services performance overall.’

Meanwhile, NBN Co has also committed to improving its reporting to RSPs with a view to making it easier to track the operator’s performance in order to better support consumers in areas with congested fixed-wireless towers. To that end, NBN Co will add information about the level of congestion in its fixed-wireless network to the customer experience dashboard that it publishes on a monthly basis.