Orange, Nokia demo 5G use cases in Liege

11 Sep 2018

Orange Belgium has claimed to be the first company to demonstrate real use cases using 5G technology in collaboration with Finnish vendor Nokia. Orange Belgium is investing heavily in 5G technology, with the target of a network rollout in 2020. In Liege, Orange and Nokia demonstrated five real-life use cases, as well as recording connection speeds of 6Gbps in the 3500MHz band.

Orange Belgium CEO Michael Trabbia commented: ‘For residential consumers 5G will allow an increasing use of very high-definition videos and real-time immersive augmented/virtual reality experiences. In the professional sphere 5G will allow us to offer dedicated and tailor-made connectivity adapted to specific requirements of new innovative applications such as wireless manufacturing, real-time automation, smart cities, Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, remote medical assistance etc.’

Belgium, Nokia, Orange Belgium