DTAC takes NBTC to court over remedy period

7 Sep 2018

Total Access Communication (DTAC) on Thursday filed a petition for an emergency injunction with the Central Administrative Court for a temporary protection order for its customers to continue using 850MHz mobile services after the expiry of its concession on 15 September, the Bangkok Times writes. The third largest mobile operator by subscribers also filed charges against the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), calling for the court to withdraw the NBTC board’s resolution made on 2 July, which rejected DTAC’s request for a remedy period. Rajiv Bawa, chief corporate affairs and business development officer of DTAC, said that in addition to DTAC’s 346,000 customers on the 850MHz network, at least one million customers use mobile service on the network’s roaming system: ‘We would like to urge the NBTC to allow our customers to continue having mobile service on the 850MHz network until the regulator can hold new auctions for the spectrum with proper terms and conditions.’ Mr Bawa also said that, at the minimum, a remedy period should be granted until the court makes a ruling.