Deputy PM sees commercial 5G in major cities in 2021 (but Moscow maintains 2020 vision)

7 Sep 2018

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov has stated that 5G mobile services should be launched commercially in major cities across the Federation by the end of 2021, Kommersant reported. The date is later than the ‘2020’ target for 5G in major cities set out in previous government announcements, but the head of the communications ministry Konstantin Noskov backed up the Deputy PM by indicating that Russia did not need to join a global race to be first to launch 5G for prestige, and that a widespread launch would wait until the 5G technology ecosystem – including affordable user devices – was firmly established.

Moscow may see an earlier 5G launch in 2020, however, as the deputy head of the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) Alexander Gorbatko told a press conference this week that the department is ‘counting on the commercial launch of 5G in the next two years’, TelecomDaily reported. 5G pilot services are due for launch in Moscow next year, while allocation of new commercial spectrum suitable for 5G rollout is expected in 2019/2020.