Vodafone Fiji extends LTE-A coverage

6 Sep 2018

Mobile operator Vodafone Fiji, which is majority-owned by Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH), has revealed that its LTE-A mobile network rollout now reaches 65% of the population and that by Christmas, coverage will have been increased to 85% of Fijians. The advanced network, branded ‘4G+ Network’, can deliver peak theoretical download speeds of 225Mbps it says, with CEO Pradeep Lal saying that the technology adds more value and delivers ‘the highest quality of mobile communication and unmatched speeds to customers’. The Vodafone official went on to note: ‘Vodafone Fiji is one of the first mobile operators in the Pacific to have encompassed the latest addition of 4G+ service for their customers. With accreditation from OOKLA as being the fastest 4G network provider in Fiji, Vodafone Fiji continues to invest in bringing the latest mobile technology to Fiji.’

‘Data consumption on the internet is set to more than triple by 2018. The introduction of faster networks like 4G+ in Fiji means we are ready for what the future holds,’ the CEO added. ‘Customers can enjoy the experience of our ultra-fast 4G+ speeds without any extra cost or setup. Customers can get hooked onto 4G+ given the location and their smartphone compatibility’.