Kenya unveils new framework for QoS assessment

4 Sep 2018

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has launched a new system to measure the quality of service (QoS) provided to consumers on mobile networks. The new Quality of Service Monitoring System (QSMS) is based on three key components: network performance, customer experience and end-to-end performance that analyses the rate of dropped calls, call connection time and voice/data quality. The CA has also broadened the services under assessment to include SMS and mobile internet services. Under the previous system, only voice call quality was measured on eight indicators, including call success rate, call drop rate and completed calls. Wireless operators are now required to submit raw data on their network performance on an hourly basis to the CA, which will also incorporate the findings of its annual customer satisfaction surveys in the final QoS report. The new framework, which was operationalised on 1 July 2018, is expected to be fully adopted over three years.

Once the framework is fully in place, the end-to-end QoS measure will account for 60% of the score awarded to operators, while network performance and customer experience will account for 25% and 15%, respectively. Operators will have to score an overall 80% to meet the standards and avoid penalties.