Biznet deploys advanced fibre technologies in national network

3 Sep 2018

Indonesian fixed broadband service provider Biznet has announced the launch of new fibre technology in its network, which it says will accommodate higher bandwidth capacity to support the future needs of its customer base in more than 100 cities in Java, Bali Sumatra and Batam. Dubbed the ‘Latest Biznet Fiber Network’, the deployment comprises a Terabit Core Router Network, 10G/100G Metro Ethernet Distribution Network and Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) infrastructure, it says, noting the new systems are supported by a redundant and protected device system. In a statement, Biznet president Adi Kusma said: ‘In the world of technology, change is something we cannot possibly avoid. Technology continues to grow along with the people’s need for fast and quality internet connection that continues to increase. As an internet service provider company, Biznet also keeps abreast of technological developments and continues to innovate to be able to bring the best internet services supported by sophisticated infrastructure and reliable networks for the people of Indonesia. We present the Latest Biznet Fiber Network as a solution for the needs of people who are increasingly in need of capacity that is increasing from time to time.’

Indonesia, Biznet Networks