MTS, Vodafone partnership agreement extended to end-2020

30 Aug 2018

Russian telecoms group MTS has extended its strategic partnership agreement with UK cellular giant Vodafone Group to the end of 2020. The existing cooperation – begun in 2008 – includes procurement, technology and marketing. MTS said in a press release that it will maintain access to Vodafone’s knowledge, expertise and products, whilst the partnership extension will also provide an opportunity to exchange best practice examples in new key areas such as digital transformation of internal technological, business and organisational processes, as well as acceleration of product market launches.

Alexander Gorbunov, Vice President for Strategy and Development at MTS, commented: ‘Our strategic partnership with Vodafone has proved to be very efficient – it helped us to save a considerable amount of time and resources when building networks and launching new products, ultimately strengthening MTS’ position in our markets. At the current technological stage, this new step in our cooperation opens for MTS a way to accelerate our digital transformation as well as to improve our business efficiency both quantitatively and qualitatively through access to Vodafone’s expertise and know-how.’