Japan’s MIC to begin R&D on post-5G standards

29 Aug 2018

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) in Japan is preparing to embark on R&D work to explore a new telecoms standard that will eventually succeed 5G technology, RCRWireless News reports, citing unnamed sources within the ministry. It is understood that the MIC believes that domestic operators will be ready to commercialise a post-5G standard ‘around 2025’, with the sixth-generation of mobile technology expected to build on its forebears in terms of improving the speed and stability of communications in areas such as self-driving vehicles and remote medical treatments — which will become easier to use, according to the report. The online news portal notes that the ministry intends to submit a budget request of JPY1 billion (USD9 million) in fiscal 2019 to start work on R&D over a four-year period, as Japan sets itself up as a pioneer in developing a global post-5G standard.