Argela to deploy performance monitoring, customer management systems for Ethio Telecom

28 Aug 2018

Ethio Telecom has signed a deal with Argela Technologies under which the Turkey-based vendor will deploy its Network Performance Monitoring and Customer Experience Management systems in the former’s mobile network. In a press release regarding the matter, it was claimed that the Network Performance Monitoring system will allow Ethio Telecom to detect service issues, such as voice call failures or poor data session quality and prioritise on making improvements in a ‘much faster and effective way’. Meanwhile, the Customer Experience Management system should help Ethio Telecom to provide an improved customer experience based on subscriber analytics it says, and offer ‘proactive and continuous quality monitoring with real time measurement of the subscriber experience and real-time detection of the actual experience’.

Commenting on the announcement, Savas Tanyeri, Argela’s VP of International Business Solutions, said: ‘By selecting Argela among powerful competitors after a thorough tendering process, Ethio Telecom is taking one more step towards fulfilling its mission: providing world-class, modern and high quality telecom services for all citizens equitably so as to transform the multifaceted development of the country to the highest level.’

Ethiopia, Argela Technologies, Ethio Telecom