ANCOM launches public consultation on IP interconnection

22 Aug 2018

Romanian telecoms watchdog the National Authority for Management and Regulations (ANCOM) has issued a public consultation regarding the conditions and tariffs of fixed and mobile IP telephony call termination on public telephony networks. ANCOM deemed it necessary to intervene in the IP telephony field to ensure equal opportunities for all companies involved, due to smaller players facing resistance from established companies with regards to IP-based interconnection.

ANCOM states that by 1 March 2019 the 36 fixed telephony providers and the five mobile telephony providers will have published on their websites information regarding their conditions of IP interconnection services. Also, by 1 May 2019 companies will be required to allow access to and use of specific network elements and to apply equivalent interconnection conditions to any companies that request IP interconnection access. Interested parties are to submit their views and comments to ANCOM by 10 September 2018.

Romania, National Authority for Management & Regulations (ANCOM)